Flail Mower Verge Hydraulic Tilt 200


$4,995.00 (GST inc)

The AGPRO Hydraulic Verge Tilt Flail Mowers also known as mulching mowers are designed with a solid heavy duty construction and with design futures are an all hydraulic multi operational system which the hydraulic functions allows for offset and head positioning adjustability within the reach of your hydraulic fly levers and mountable on 3 point linkage and PTO drive.

The multi hydraulic tilt and offset operational system allows for multi cutting angles that no other standard mower would be able to achieve and designed and suitable for all purpose work and attack any projects from creek clearing, dam banks, pasture topping, bush hedging, roadside maintenance from undergrowth and pruning clipping from orchards and vine yards as these machines are able to mulch and breakdown any heavy materials from noxious weeds, heavy grass, sticks and debris.

Fitted standard with High Strength Hammer Blades & SKF Bearings.



Hydraulic Verge Flail Mower Specifications

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( Packed in steel frame for transport )

Minor assembly needed as steel frame is compact for required transport.

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Shipping Weight & Dimensions Below.

Weight 700 kg
Dimensions 220 x 100 x 75 cm