Wood Chipper 165TH Hydraulic

$4,780.00 (GST inc)

The AGPRO Hydraulic 6″ Model PTO Wood Chippers are designed to operate with Hydraulic Operating System that allows for direct PTO drive that operates the fixed drive operational system without the use of gears and belt drives and fitted standard with a 80 kg heavy weight rotor and with easy replaceable blades by removing 1 removable bolt for simple access to the top half of housing and the hopper can be fully opened with 2 removable bolts and with hydraulic feed allows fast or slow setting with 3 feed setting options from feed, reverse and neutral settings.

The Hydraulic model allows for consistent chipping as the Hydraulic System has double support arms from both side of internal hopper with drive force from its hydraulic motor and with a Dual Barrel System that enables dragging motion for consistent branch direct cutting.

The Hydraulic Feed Chipper model is a simple and low maintenance chipper and able to handle the most hardest and knotted wood.

3 Feed Settings.

Hydraulic Motor Feed.

Double Support Arms.

Dual Barrel System.

The AGPRO Chipper body is manufactured with CNC Machining Technology to insure the machine is in even balance to allow for minimal vibration and strain on bearings.

Hydraulic Wood Chipper Specifications

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( Packed in steel frame for transport )

Minor assembly needed as steel frame is compact for required transport.


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Shipping Weight & Dimensions Below.

Weight 426 kg
Dimensions 130 x 98 x 45 cm